Module 5 Lesson 5.03  Que tiempo hace hoy?

Que tiempo hace hoy?  How's the weather today?

Que tiempo hace en julio? ¿Qué tiempo hace hoy?
How's the weather in July?  How's the weather today?

Assignment:  Create an audio file answering the above question and drop the audio file in the 5.03 dropbox

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En Julio hace calor.  Hoy hace fresco.

Module 5 Lesson 5.04  Me gusta/Me gustan No me gusta/No me gustan  I like.   I don't like.  (Singular & Plural Forms)

Me gusta is used to express I like.  This is the singular form of I like. 
Ex.  Me gusta el carro rojo.  I like the red car.


Me gustan is used to express I like.  This is the plural form.
Ex.  Me gustan los animales.  I like animals.

To state that you don't like something.  Just place No before me guta or me gustan.
Ex.  No me gusta el carro rojo.  I don't like the red car.
Ex.  No me gustan los animales.  I don't like animals.

Assignment:  You will need to record yourself telling your teacher two things that you like and 1 thing that you don't like. Use me gusta/me gustan appropriately. Remember to use complete Spanish sentences.

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Module 5 Lesson 5.05  Me gusta + Infinitive  I like + AR Verb

Me gusta + infinitive = I like to do something.

Me gusta nadar. = I like to swim

Me gusta tocar el piano. = I like to play the piano.

Me gusta jugar el futbol. = I like to play soccer.

You should also listen to and study the seasons.
el verano = summer el invierno = winter

You should know the difference between jugar and tocar.
jugar = to play a sport
tocar = to play a musical instrument

Module 5 Lesson 5.06  Tener que (To have to)  Ir a ( To go to)

Tener que = to have to

Ir + a = to go to

Ex:  Tengo que ir a la escuela.  I have to go to school

Tenemos que estudiar. = We have to study

Voy a la escuela.  = I'm going to school.

Vamos a estudiar.  =  We are going to study.

Assignment:  Tell your instructor where you are going and what you have to do when you get there. Use the expressions "ir a" and "tener que" in your answer. Por ejemplo, Voy al estadio. Tengo que mirar un partido de fútbol.
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Module 5 Lesson 5.07 Cual es tu direccion?  What is your address?

Module 5 Lesson 5.07 discusses new vocabulary words to express one's address.  It tells you to state yo vivo as I live and Mi direccion es My address is

Assignment:  You will need to record yourself telling your teacher where you live. Using the verb "vivo," tell your teacher your address in Spanish and whether you live in an apartment or a house.

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Module 5 Lesson 5.08

Assignment:  You must watch the lesson video and read the video transcript to answer the questions found in Lesson 5.08 Work File.  Copy and paste the questions to a word document, complete the questions with answers (answers must be in complete Spanish sentences, and upload your document to the 5.08 dropbox.

Module 5 Lesson 5.09  Argentina

Read about Argentina and complete the following Assignment: 

  1. Write a paragraph (in English and in your own words) comparing and contrasting the arts, religion, and la comida (food) in Argentina with the culture in which you live.

    Upload your document to the 5.09 dropbox.