Module 7 Lesson 7.04

You will need to record yourself in Spanish describing 5 fruits or vegetables that different people encounter in a grocery store. Be sure to describe their color. Make sure that the adjective agrees with and follows the noun. Ejemplo: Veo una manzana roja. Ella ve..., Vemos..., etc. Be sure to speak clearly into your computer microphone. This activity will be graded for accuracy and pronunciation.

1.  Yo veo una manzana roja.
2.  Elena ve una banana amarilla.
3.  Nosotros vemos un pepino verde.
4.  Ellos ven una zanahoria anaranjada.
5.  Ves las fresas rojas?

Module 7 Lesson 7.05

Go to your favorite clothing store and find five items of clothing that you like. In complete Spanish sentences, identify each item, give the color, and give the price (Cuesta = it costs). Be sure to speak clearly into your computer microphone. This activity will be graded for accuracy and pronunciation.

Voy a la tienda Old Navy.
1.  Me gusta las pantalones khaki.  Cuestan veinte dolares.
2.  Me gusta los zapotos azules.  Cuestan sesenta dolares.
3.  Me gusta la camisa verde.  Cuesta treinta dolares.
4.  Me gusta la camiseta roja.  Cuesta quince dolares.
5.  Me gusta los calcetines blancos.  Cuestan diez dolares.

Module 7 Lesson 7.07

Assignment:  Answer Part D of the Workfile and upload to dropbox.

D. Answer in complete sentences in Spanish, using the “yo” form of the verb “usar” (to use.) and the parts of the body with which you would do each activity.

1. ¿Qué usas para escuchar la música?
Uso la oreja para escuchar la musica.

2. ¿Qué usas para comer?
Uso la boca para comer.

3. ¿Qué usas para practicar el fútbol?
Uso el pie para practicar el futbol.

4. ¿Qué usas para practicar el baloncesto?
Uso las manos para practicar el baloncesto.

5. ¿Qué usas para escribir?
Uso los dedos para escribir.


Module 7 Lesson 7.09

Assignment 7.09

What to turn in: Complete the online assessment 7.09 Asignación by cutting and pasting your intinerary proposal into the answer box area.

Module 7 Lesson 7.10
Complete the following workfile and upload to dropbox.


La merienda Andalucía

7.10 Asignación

After completing the following exercise, go to the assignment area and complete the online assessment labeled 7.10 Asignación, where you will attach your work file. This assignment is worth 20 points.

Práctica 7.10

Answer the following questions in English about the following:


1. What is the geography like in this section of Spain?
2. What is the Sierra Nevada?
3. What is the weather like?


1. Why is the Catedral important?
2. What is La Giralda?
3. What cultures have influenced Sevilla?


1. How is the province in which Granada is located?
2. Describe the Alhambra.

Tu comunidad

1. How does the geography and weather where you live compare and contrast to that of Andalucía?
2. If you were writing a travel guide for your city or town, what places would be important to see?

Module 7 Lesson 7.11  Complete the following workfile


Noticias y señales La Semana Santa

7.11 Asignación

A. Parear. Match the following to their correct description.

_________ 1. La Marcha

_________ 2. La Cruz de Guía

_________ 3. La Bulla

_________ 4. Los Nazarenos

_________ 5. El Paso del Cristo

_________ 6. Los Penitentes

_________ 7. El Paso Palio

a. crowds of people

b. the members of the fraternity, who perform the authentic act of penitence

c. the float which carries La Virgen

d. musical compositions

e. members of the fraternities that make up the procession.

f. a float or portable platform and all the images and elements it contains

g. a banner that opens the procession

B. Choose one of the photos on the previous page and describe it in Spanish. Use vocabulary dealing with colors, parts of the body, the city (trees, buildings, cars, etc.), and any other vocabulary with which you can use to describe. Write at least four sentences. Keep them simple.



Module 7 Lesson 7.12

7.12 Written Discussion. Post your response(s) in the discussion area then complete the online activity. This discussion must be posted in writing.

  1. How can you apply what you have learned in this module to life outside of school in the future? Specifically, what career possibilities will be available to you in your community because of your knowledge of Spanish?

  2. Read and respond to another student's comments.

  3. In the 7.12 assessment area, you will submit both your thoughts and your response to your instructor.

    Please be sure to use correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation in your writing (in either English or Spanish). You will be graded on:

    • your ability to express your ideas.

    • your ability to use proper language skills.